Rating system

Hi friends! Sometimes you write comments in our book reviews because you’re not agree with a rating. Yes, we’re humans. With bones, skin, the inevitable need to find wifi when we’re not at home, and other human’s things. Our rating system is like all rating systems, subjective. Maybe we gave one star to a book that someone else gave five stars, but this is great! Personally I like when someone thinks differently to how I think, we’re humans, always someone is going to think different to us.

Let’s see our rating system

Now I want to show you our subjective rating system.

★✩✩✩✩: If you see only one star in a book review… Well, I think it’s not necessary say what this means. Maybe it’s because we were bored reading it, maybe the plot is too simple… We always say what we didn’t like when we only give one star to a book.

★★✩✩✩: Ok, the book wasn’t so bad, the author only need to change half of it. :3 I’m Joking. If you see two stars in a book review it’s because we probably didn’t enjoy the book but we enjoyed some things or parts of it.

★★★✩✩: Three stars is our “be correct, don’t give them a reason to kick your *** ok?” If you see three stars in a book review it’s because the book has approximately the same number of good and bad things. it’s a neutral rating, but we usually give three stars when we enjoyed the book but not enough to give it four.

★★★★✩: If you see four stars in one of our book reviews it’s because we enjoyed the book and it has more positive things than negative. Four stars is a good rating for us and this books appear in our monthly best books selection.

★★★★★: If you see five stars in one of our book reviews it’s because we didn’t find more than one or two negative things and we really enjoyed reading it. This books appear in our our monthly best books selection too.

And now…

In what we’re based to consider a book “better or worse”?

Entertainment: Maybe this is the most important thing for us. Every year hundreds of books are released and the author’s intention is always entertain his readers.

Plot: One of the most important things for us too. Some books with a bad plot are entertained, but a good plot it’s an entertainment secured.

Characters: We want find interesting characters in our books.

Author’s Style: Each author is different and writes differently, but we prefer books with a fast style. Descriptions are essential, ten pages followed and uninterrupted of descriptions are annoying. write new words to increase the reader’s vocabulary is a good idea. Write a whole book using only words like “entelechy” or “prognathous” it’s not a good idea dude, it’s not a good idea…

End: We think one of the most annoying things when you read a book is know how it ends only reading half of it. We prefer books with a unexpected end. The end is the principal reason to continue reading a book.


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