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This blog was made by two persons interested in learning new languages and master it. For that, we need to make a total inmersion in the language. When we have learned the most important in English, we’ll open other blog with the same theme but in other language (maybe German will be the next). We think that is the best idea to compel us to write correctly in the selected language.

So… What is the main theme in your blog? In our blog we are going to talk about books. Yeah! we know, it’s more interesting for some people watch TV or play videogames. But we don’t know anything about TV or videogames.

We also thought some interesting things for the blog and you can take a look at the top of the page to see it. But we are specially happy with one of that things, “Books made by our readers”. Yes, we know that some of our readers have little fragments of books, or finished books, but they think their books are not good enough to be published. Are you sure about that? You can send us your fragment or book, and we’ll post it in our blog, your book could be downloaded for other people and they could rate your work. Maybe you are a good writer and you still don’t know it. The best of these opportunity is that you don’t need translate your book into English, we put four sections. One for english books, one for french books, one for german books, and other for spanish books. So, you can send us your book in any of these languages.

Are you interested in our blog? Then, we are not going to waste more of your time, check all the sections yourself.

Hope you like it.


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