Book Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

TCCOBBAuthor: Scott Fitzgerald

Pages: 80

Year of Publishing: 1922

Rating: ★★★★✩

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Synopsis: Benjamin Button is a very strange baby. Born with a white beard, he looks like his grandfather. As years pass, he seems to get younger. This brings many problems, for him and the people around him.

My Review:  Hi again! This week I bring a review of a Book written by Scott Fitzgerald, one of the best writers of the past century American literature. Initially I had doubts about write a review of this book or not because its length is too short. But finally I thought it was necessary to make it because is one of the most popular books of Scott Fitzgerald along with other titles like The great Gatsby or Tender is the night.

The story begins when the Benjamin’s Father (Rogger Button) runs to the hospital to see for first time his newborn child. What he doesn’t suspect is that his son is not a baby, is a septuagenarian man with white beard who can speak as an adult. Initially he thinks that is a bad joke but it’s not a joke and he must take him home and care for him. The years pass and Benjamin Button doesn’t age, on the contrary, every year is younger than the last and this soon becomes a problem for Benjamin who spends part of his life being sad.

Some years ago, a film based on this book was released in the cinema. The film lasts three hours, the book can be read in half an hour. Don’t ask me why, but I’m sure that the film is very different from the book. The curious thing about this book is that the story could have served for a long novel of 300 or 400 pages but Scott Fitzgerald wrote a short book whose plot progresses at a dizzying pace that in the end makes you think about how quickly life passes. Descriptions in this book are inexistent and story it’s exclusively focused on the Benjamin’s life. Scott Fitzgerald doesn’t speak of Benjamin’s family or anything similar.
Regarding the pros and cons of this book I found this:


  • Is an original and interesting story.
  • Is a book that can be read in half an hour, perfect for those moments when you want read but you don’t have enough time to do it.
  • At the end maybe you’ll think about the pass of the time.


  • The story it’s only focussed in Benjamin, its brevity doesn’t allow use descriptions or talk about someone more.

I think this book is very good and everyone should read it because in the worst of the cases, you won’t lose too much time, despite its brevity, I think it deserves a review in our blog. As I said, the story it’s perfect for a book of 300 or 400 pages, but I think the author only wanted make us reflect about the pass of the time and he used a so dizzying pace for that. Scott Fitzgerald is in my opinion one of the best authors of the American literature and I’ll write soon a review of one of his novels, The Great Gatsby probably. My valuation for this book is 4/5.

What’s your valuation for this book? I hope your opinion in the comments box and if you like this post, share it in your social networks. Thank you so much!

See you!

Written by: Josué


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