Book Review: Celestina

celestinaAuthor: Fernando de Rojas

Pages: 250

Year of publishing: 1499

Rating: ★★★★✩

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Synopsis: In “Celestina” we found the tragic love of Calisto and Melibea and the trickery employed by the procuress Celestina.

Review: This book I read many years ago in high school when I was in third grade and I felt that was the greatest discovery of my life. Since then I’ve read it about six times this book as I said in the tag The Liebster Award I did with Josué the last week. This week I read again it so I think it is a good idea you know this book of classical literature. This book was written by a Spanish author but I know it was translated, so you can read in English if you are interested and also free.

Celestina is set in the s XV and we must understand this century to understand the work. At this time in history people was very guarded at every step they took and for this reason this love story is complicated.

The story is about the love between two young Calisto and Melibea willing to break the rules of this season to live their love freely. In the first act we see Melibea, Calisto becomes infatuated for her and he wants to be with her, but she rejects him. So he decides to go to Celestina, she makes spells for create love between two people(among other things she does and I will tell later). Finally Melibea accepts Calisto, they are become lovers and they meet with the help of the servants of Calisto.

This book has many characters but I only talk about the most importants for not to make too long the review, I will talk Celestina, Calisto and Melibea. Celestina is greater and disreputable. When she was young she is a prostitute, now she dedicated to anything such as weaving  the virgo of girls for not ruin your social status. She is the typical person with black soul, just think about herself and money. Another protagonist is a young wealthy named Calisto, unsafe and unrealistic. And finally we have a beautiful young Melibea begins the book as a naive girl, but later she showing her defiance and courage. She is the person that most evolved throughout the book.

” Calisto: The hearts accustomed to adversity are protected by a sturdy wall that no misfortune can cross … ”

 The final is a logical final from my perspective, I could not end otherwise such love in those years.

This story is very important because tries about love, money and society issues. Love is the driving force behind our protagonists, it’s a crazy love that is carried away by passion. Overall I’m not in favor of these kinds of love but I think if you know the social time they living you understand why they acted that way. It is not easy to live love in a society in which you look at the rules and not the heart. The money is reflected in Celestina, it is amazing what this woman makes to obtain money. And so over the last pages you can see as in the life the things you do wrong back to you. And finally society is what creates the book. Social norms, chivalrous values, religious faith, lack of values, economic appearances… It is inconceivable that at some point in history things as easy as marriage the people made them so difficult.

Regarding the author there is one thing I want to point. Fernando de Rojas wrote the Celestina but found the first acts writings and he decided to continue it. Anyway thanks to him I loved Celestina. He has managed to perfectly dial in me the feelings of the protagonists as the good feelings as the worst. I could feel every moment of pain they suffered.


-The book is considered a classic of the literature.

-It’s a short book.

-The book is written to be represented theatrically so only have dialogues.


-If you are a sensitive person you may cry with the final pages of the book.

-If you don’t understand this historical season you don’t understand the book.

What’s your valuation for this book? I hope your opinion in the comments box and if you like this post, share it in your social networks. Thank you so much!

See you!

Written by: Ana


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