The Liebster Award.

We were nominated by Alyssa to do this Liebster Award. Thank you so much for nominating us.

Here’s our answers to her questions:

1. Are you favor of changing covers whenever a book is reprinted? Why?

Ana: No, I like more the original covers and I consider it appropriate to maintain it.

Josué: I think it doesn’t matter, a good cover can attract attention but the important of the book it’s inside

2. What’s your most read book of all times?

Ana: Celestina by Fernando Rojas, I read this book almost in 6 occasions. It’s a one of my favorite books.

Josué: I don’t usually read twice the same book, but I’m sure I’ll read again The Book Thief soon

3. If you’re going on a weekend getaway, what book will you bring?

Ana: I would bring a book of classical literature such for example Pride and Prejudice.

Josué: Read it’s part of my diary routine, if I go to a weekend getaway, I try avoid all routinary activities.

4. Have you regret buying a certain book? If so, why?

Ana: Yes, I regretted buying Sorry, If I Love You because I seemed a boring book. It is the book that took me longer to read.

Josué: Not yet

5. Fairy tale retelling or mythology?

Ana: Fairy tale, always.

Josué: I don’t know, I guess it depends

6. If you’re moving out of your house and you’re only allowed to bring one book, what will you choose?

Ana: The Help because this book teach me many things. This book has many advices.

Josué: Tie me with a chain to my bookshelves and keep sat on the floor.

7. Who influenced you to read?

Ana: I love read from I’m a little girl so I don’t remember who influenced me.

Josué: Myself

8. Have you ever encounter a quote in a book that made such a big impact on your life? What is it and why?

Ana: Yesterday is another world. I want to go back there – David Levithan in Every Day. Because this quote it made me reflect on the impact of yesterday in our lives.

Josué: on a path of 100 miles, the most important always it’s the first. – Los 88 peldaños del éxito. A Spanish book

9. High fantasy or contemporary?

Ana: Contemporary.

Josué: It depend.

10. What are the best and worst book-to-film adaptations you’ve seen?

Ana: The best adaptations: The Help, Pride and prejudice, Celestina and Harry Potter (all films except the Half-Blood Prince).

The worst adaptations: Divergent and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Josué: The best adaptation Dead Poets Society. The Worst adaptation Playing the Enemy.

11. Your favorite read this year.

Ana: My favourite read for now this year is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Josué: My favourite book I’ve read this year is Probably Playing the Enemy.

Facts about us:

  1. We are Spanish. So if you see an error (or too many errors) in our blog leave a comment. ^^
  2. My birthday is 15th of September.(Ana)
  3. I love hamsters and I have one.(Ana)
  4. I like the advices because I learn much thanks to them.(Ana)
  5. I love the objects of stationer’s shop, for example the post-it. I am the happiest person if you give me one object of stationer’s shop.(Ana)
  6. I can confirm the last fact ¬¬ (Josué)
  7. I love hugs. I’m a very loving person.(Ana)
  8. I wrote an essay two years ago (Josué)
  9. When I was child, My cousin and I spent our holidays writing short books. (Josué)
  10. I want to write the plot of a Graphic Adventure (videogame) (Josué)

My questions:

  1. What’s your favorite book of infancy?
  2. What book would you like to read but not it’s translated into your language?
  3. What is your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend of all the books you read?
  4. What is the strangest book that you read? (relative to the argument)
  5. What is your favorite category?
  6. What book helped you?
  7. If you write a book, what argument would have?
  8. If you could get the first copy of a book, what would it be?
  9. What is your favorite trilogy?
  10. How many books aims to read this year?
  11. What is your favorite book

We nominate:


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