Book Review: The bunker diary

bunkerAuthor:  Kevin Brooks

Pages: 268

Year of publishing: 2013

Rating: ★★★✩✩

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Synopsis: Room meets Lord of the Flies, The Bunker Diary is award-winning, young adult writer Kevin Brooks’s pulse-pounding exploration of what happens when your worst nightmare comes true – and how will you survive?

I can’t believe I fell for it.

It was still dark when I woke up this morning.

As soon as my eyes opened I knew where I was.

A low-ceilinged rectangular building made entirely of whitewashed concrete.

There are six little rooms along the main corridor.

There are no windows. No doors. The lift is the only way in or out.

What’s he going to do to me?

What am I going to do?

If I’m right, the lift will come down in five minutes.

It did. Only this time it wasn’t empty

Review: I’m a very fearful person, I’m afraid of hard and bloody stories, even some stories that just cause intrigue. Many persons said of this book many things, it caused much polemic because of its content,  but to me it seems lighter. The book tells a hard story yes, after all is a kidnapping but thought it would be much hard.

The protagonist of our story is Linus and lives on the street but their situation is voluntary. He could go home and leave his current situation, back to his life but he prefers to live in the street because his life was very difficult. The story begins when he decides to help a blind man trying to put a suitcase in a van. If you read the cover there is a written statement that says ” I thought I was blind.That’s how he got me.” This ”blind” drug and kidnapped him. When he wakes up is enclosed in four walls, without windows, without an exit, only has a elevator in the place… There is only a notebook and a pen and decided to start writing a diary about his abduction.

There are other characters in the book, but very few. So Linus is not alone in this place and we also know more about the kidnapping, but does not give us relevant information. The person who stands between them is Jenny, a girl of 9 years that helps to the protagonist. The kidnaped live in a underground house without knowing who got them there or why they are there.

Throughout history, our characters try to get out of there (as I do in this situation) since then things get complicated. The kidnapper left to give them food, he gassed them, he heating takes away… And then begins to complicate the escape.

The ending is quite shocking, realistic, breathtaking … but leaves many questions unanswered. I do not like to finish a book without knowing many things and that’s why so lowered my score about this book.

The book in spite of not being as hard as I thought is very original because of the way in which it is narrated as if it were a diary, so we can not have more information than the protagonist has. I would have like to have a chapter from the point of view of other characters, but still I liked that way of telling the story. As Linus is not a writer narrates his way, as we would tell any friend. The only flaw that I found this way of telling the story is that it was very monotonous at times although is normal because he is shut.

I want to give a tip if you decide to read this book, you should read this book when you to feel good because is very depressing (logically, it speaks of a kidnapping). If you do not know yet whether to read or not to read the book, I recommend that you see the book trailer. My valuation for this book is 3/5.

What’s your valuation for this book? I hope your opinion in the comments box and if you like this post, share it in your social networks. Thank you so much!

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Written by: Ana


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