Book Review: Tis

scan_3Author: Frank Mccourt

Pages: 528

Year of Publishing: 1999

Rating: ★★★★✩

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Synopsis: When Frank returns to America in 1953, he works on the docks, always resisting what everyone tells him, that men and women who have dreamed and toiled for years to get to America should “stick to their own kind” once they arrive. Somehow, Frank knows that he should be getting an education, and though he left school at fourteen, he talks his way into New York University. There, he falls in love with the quintessential Yankee, long-legged and blonde, and tries to live his dream. But it is not until he starts to teach—and to write—that Frank finds his place in the world. The same vulnerable but invincible spirit that captured the hearts of readers in Angela’s Ashes comes of age.

My Review: In this second part of the Frank Mccourt biography, the author situate us in his travel from Ireland to USA and tells us how to gain a foothold in a society where he doesn’t quite fit, he must climb positions in a hierarchy which he thinks that doesn’t exist in USA.

Arriving in New York, he discover the first problem that separates him from the American Dream that both he and other immigrants wanted find in USA. Frank found in USA a completely hierarchical society where the immigrants who arrive in USA, were in the lower levels of this society because their culture clashed with the US culture that often were completely different from what them were accustomed.

Frank tells us how in his struggle to become in a teacher, he must work many hours for a poor pay and with the added inconvenient of the diseases that accompanied him since he was a kid. Gradually, Frank was getting a foothold in the country where he entered without any richness some years before but with the hope of escape from the poverty. He was getting better paying jobs that allowed him to buy some goods that for us are common but that for him were luxury goods

Frank Mccourt, as he said, doesn’t want talk about the history of USA or the history of the city where he lived when he was young, Limerick, he want talk about the poverty and how he had to fit all kind of problems to finally escape from the poverty and fulfill his dream of go to the university.

This autobiographical book contains a harrowing story but as practically all the harrowing stories, it’s an emotive and hopeful novel. I think this book and its predecessor, are books that should be in any bookshelf. The force with which the author gets make us witnesses of the story is awesome. My valuation for this book is 4/5

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Written by: Josué


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