Book Review: Wool

woolAuthor: Hugh Howey

Pages: 576

Year of publishing: 2011

Rating: ★★★★★

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Synopsis:  What would you do if the world outside was deadly and the air you breathed could kill? And you lived in a place where very birth required a death and the choices you made could save lives – or destroy them.

This is Jules’s story.

This is the world wool.

My review: I’ve finally found the book that I had been looking since a long time, a book with a strong and captivating plot. It is the typical book that you can’t stop reading because you want know more and more about what is happening. I think it’s the best book I’ve read this year.

At first it is shocking because the book presents a very different world compared with today’s world. This new world is dangerous to the humans and all must live in a silo that although have many plants, only one plant can see some natural light. The silo is very difficult to imagine because the author doesn’t focus too much on the description for this, so I had to search in the internet to find out how was this one. At the end of post I will let a link to a page with a virtual tour around the silo, although the page is in Spanish, it’s very intuitive. I think this is one of the few negative aspects of the book that I could find… The second negative aspect is the scarce use of dialogues, although I understand that in this book is not very necessary.

In spite of these negatives aspects I mentioned. Wool get make you feel part of the story, sometimes I felt overwhelmed by the fact of living in a place as the silo. I also felt something like fear while I wondering me why it was so terrible get out to the outside world.

The description of the characters of Wool is very good, their way of being and their thinking are described perfectly, you can also feel what they feel at all times after each of the turns of history. Most of the characters evolve throughout history.

In general terms the whole book demonstrates the brilliant work made by Hugh Howey and the effort and time dedicated to writing this book. This book shows a superior level to other science fiction novels.

You’ll love this book. Wool gets keep you in suspense all the time and at first seems a very clear pattern but as the story progress the constantly turns make you want continue reading to understand the new situation. In addition even despite being a book so extensive, seems too short

Here’s the link to view the silo mentioned by the author:

My valuation for this book is 5/5 I enjoyed so much reading this book

What’s your valuation for this book? I hope your opinion in the comments box and if you like this post, share it in your social networks. Thank you so much!

See you!

 Written by: Ana


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